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Science, and the scientific method, are just ways of describing what is happening in the world around us. So while a kid interested in the subject might have fun with STEM toys and science kits, you don't need to go out and buy something special to keep the STEM learning going home. You probably have most of the materials you need for these science experiments for kids sitting around in cupboards and drawers. So, next time you need a boredom-busting indoor activity on a rainy day or a DIY project to keep them busy, pull out one of these ideas and get them to start making hypotheses.   1. Apple Oxidation What works best for keeping an apple from turning brown? Test to find out! Slice up an apple, and let each slice soak in a different liquid. Then take them out, lay them on a tray, and check the brownness after three, six, and so on. This tests the properties of different liquids and helps students practice the scientific method if they create hypotheses about which liquids would be

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